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Hedgehog on Couch

Each Critter Couch is 100% handmade with a sturdy, wooden base, non-allergenic cotton batting, permanent fabric glue, polyester filling, plastic foam internal structures, and high-quality fabrics. Couches can be gently hand washed and air dried. 


Production time on the couches averages ~5-7 hours, and tinies and add ons average an additional ~3-4 hours depending on complexity. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be crafted and shipped. 

To make sure you get your critter's dream couch, please contact me directly prior to ordering to discuss what you would like to see and I will help you figure out exactly what fabrics and add-ons will be best for your needs! You can reach me through the contact page or DM me on instagram @chilibeanthehedgehog.


Product pictures are found on the "Order" and "Design" pages! Please enjoy these pics of Chili Bean as you read the basics of what we offer!

Hedgehog with Toy

Classic Couch

Cotton Upholstery


Hedgehog in Blankets

Cozy Couch

No-Pill Fleece Upholstery

Sweatshirt-Material Upholstery


Hedgehog with Rainbow PomPoms

Custom Fabric

Any Color / Type Fabric

Can color-match to photos


Hedgehog Belly

Tiny Throws

Critter-sized throws to match your tiny couch!

Pillows 2 for $6

Blankets $5

Hedgehog in Dunkin Donuts Munchkins Box

Fully Custom

Custom Size / Shape

Custom Fabric

Recreate from Picture

Price varies by size & complexity, but the possibilities are limitless!

Hedehog with Teddy Bear

Tiny Add-Ons

Wood Stain

Couch Skirt 

Pet Name


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